Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Can't I Keep My Glasses Clean?

Have you ever wondered why your glasses are so hard to keep clean, or why your lenses keep getting fine scratches on them? It could be the way that they are being cleaned.

We recommend specific methods to care for your eyewear. First, when cleaning your lenses you should only use recommended spray solutions given to you by your eye care professional. We use a spray that can be used directly on the lenses and cleaned off with a soft cloth. The soft cloth that comes in the case with your eyewear can also be used alone to wipe off the occasional smudge or fingerprint.

If you do not have access to your cleaning cloth and spray cleaner, a special mixture of soap and water can be used to rinse your glasses clean while you are at home or on the go. Just make sure that the soap that you are using does not have a moisturizer in it. It will not harm your lenses, but it will leave a greasy film that will be hard to remove. Also, stay away from abrasive materials when wiping your lenses clean or drying them. Something soft like a cloth diaper is best to use when there is no cleaning cloth.

Lastly, consider the environment that you are in most of the time. If you are working in a dusty environment, you should keep your cleaning cloth away from the dust that can attach to your cleaning cloth and cause fine scratches on your lens. If you don’t have to wear your glasses all the time, remember that the best protection for them is in their case.

For more information on eyewear maintenance, or for a demonstration please stop by our office or watch our Youtube video on proper cleaning methods.

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